Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Extra Curricular Music Trip

Hello one and all,
Beth Cuckson here to tell you all about our extra curricular music trip to Park Hall Hotel with Runshaw College. On the trip were: Freddie Dewhurst, Laura Oldfield, Josh Mascord and Yours Truly! We were involved in an improvisation workshop and encountered many different composition techniques including the Da Da or "cut-up" method which basically meant that we all wrote one lyric that we thought should be in the song and put them all in a box. We then drew out the lyrics at random, this became the words of our song. We used the same method to select the chord sequence, we now had a finished song! We called this song Think Positive!! We were then shown a film that we had to produce a soundtrack for though improvisation. We were given a range of notes we could use for our improvisation but we had to chose when to play, when not to play and how fast to play each time. Before the workshop began none of these songs existed! We performed both the improvised songs at the concert in the evening along with a piece called Do It Again. I'm glad to say everyone who went on this trip thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the concert (even though we were the only school from the workshop that stayed for the evening concert)! We hope that we will be able to go on trips like this again.
That's all for now,
Beth Cuckson signing off!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Super post by the way.